The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Submitted by : Debopriya Dhar
Roll- 15201218092
Stream- BCA
Sem- 6th
Year- 2018-2021


Artificial intelligence has changed the world so much and will bring many more changes in the coming days. AI is already integrated into our daily lives. If we take the example, many of us are using virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri etc to assist us. It is predicted that in the near future, AI will be more integrated into our daily lives and the coming innovations that are based on AI will transform the world for good.


The Future of Artificial Intelligence

AI will change the way we live and work. It improves our productivity by assisting us in many ways and saving plenty of time by taking care of monotonous tasks at home also at workplaces. For example, now we can schedule the robotic vacuum cleaner to clean the floor and thereby we can save some time and energy. Using Artificial intelligence, the robotic vacuum cleaner avoids colliding into obstacles and cleans the surface effectively. In the same way, using AI more innovations will enable us to eliminate the need for doing repetitive works.

Driverless vehicles will reduce the burden of driving for us and will most likely reduce the probability of vehicular accidents by eliminating the chance of human error. Autonomous vehicles will enhance the way we travel.

At present websites and apps are providing personalized experience using Artificial intelligence. For example, YouTube provides personalized suggestions based on what we watch. In future, more personalized services will come including personalized healthcare services.

Using 5G and Artificial intelligence together, doctors can perform robotic surgeries, which will be very helpful in improving the access to healthcare services. Humans and machines together can do wonders using artificial intelligence.

AI will help people with special needs and senior citizens to live independently.

With the advancements AI is bringing, there will be more data privacy and security issues. And laws to deal with the same will come. Ethical concerns will also arise.



Artificial Intelligence has already improved many industries and it has the potential to revolutionize all sectors by reducing the monotonous work, improving the efficiency of employees and also by quick decision making possibilities. As AI will be more integrated into our lives, we need to keep it on the right path by discussing and taking the right steps on ethical and security concerns.