AMD RYZEN 3 3100

Submitted  by S K Samar(Department : BCA : Batch : 2017-2020)

University Roll Number :15201217028


Core/ Threads: 4Cores/8Threads

Base Clock: 3.6Ghz

Max Boost Clock: 3.9 Ghz

Cache 16MB

TDP: 65Watt

The CPU's have 4 Cores and 8 Threads, Earlier We Had Option Of i3 9100 but Now AMD’s Zen 2 Architecture Got Much Better With 7nm  Architecture at lowest price and better than other processor at this cost, Now the latest Technology such as PCIe 4.0 is Supported with this processor and since we have better and Higher Frequency Ram Supporting Capabilities   come with Wraith stealth Cooler. But the

3100 Have a Base Frequency of 3.6 GHz and Max Boost Clock of 3.9 GHz, (OVERCLOCKING RESULTS MAY VARY)

The 3100 have a Retail Price of 8.5K

P.S: price will vary from country to country.

Now Both CPU's (Presumably) Have the same IPC's as that of Ryzen 3000 series, which is seriously Great for Gaming and Single threaded Workloads.

In my opinion these CPU's are great for people who are buying or building their First PC's . Ryzen 3000 series is Phenomenal when it comes to Gaming.

However the problem lies with the fact that many new games are starting to use 4 or more than 4 Cores, and Quad cores are on their last stand. Now not all games use more than 4 Cores, and Games like Doom Eternal can work on 2 cores…if you really want to run the game.

Plus, Work like Video Editing, blender and such will always benefit from more cores and threads. Though you can do hobby level Video Editing and 3D animation.

So in Short these CPU'S are not mainly aimed for Content Creators, but more likely for Gamers and First Time PC Builders.