A glance into the world of Ethical hacking


Submitted by Debdut Das(Department of BCA,Batch : 2017-2020)

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A hacker is an individual or a group of people who steals the private information of a person or an organization and gains advantages from it from their digital device or network using various hacking tools.

Majorly there are three types of hackers:

  1. White hat Hacker (Ethical Hacker)
  2. Black hat Hacker (Cracker)
  3. Grey hat Hacker


White hat hacker: The hacker who accesses your system to fix the identifiable errors and weaknesses. This type of hacking is also called as ethical hacking, and it legalized in the industry.  They are used to perform Testing and vulnerability assessments.

Black hat hacker: A hacker who takes advantage over your system for personal benefits, he violates the policies of ethical hacking by unauthorized access to computer systems. Most of the time the intention is to steal corporate data, violate privacy rights, transfer funds from bank accounts and to trap an individual. A black hat hacker is also known as Cracker.

Grey hat hacker: A hacker who lies somewhere between the grey areas of good and bad, i.e white hat hacking and black hat hacking is known as a grey hat hacker. He enters through an unauthorized way to get access to your system. He finds errors in the data and reveals it to the system owner.

Apart from the above hackers, there are three other minor types of hackers

Elite Hackers, Script Kiddie, and Neophyte.

Types of Ethical Hacking:

These are the common and most happening types of ethical hacking

  1. Web application hacking
  2. System hacking
  3. Web server hacking
  4. Hacking wireless network and
  5. Social network hacking.
  6. Web application hacking: hacking and entering the website with unauthorized access is known as Web application hacking

Ex: SQL Injection attacks.

  1. System hacking: violating the policies, principles and hacking the system to get personal information or corporate information is system hacking.
  2.  Web server hacking: Attacking the web server network to claim data’s is web server hacking
  3. Hacking wireless network: Using devices to hack a wireless network is wireless network hacking
  4. Social network hacking: in the era of social networking, hacking social networking platforms of personals for personal gains or defaming is social network hacking.

Process of Ethical Hacking:

Ethical hacking falls under the following steps:

  • Planning
  • Scanning
  • Accessing
  • Retrieving
  • Analyzing

 Ethical hacking has been here in many MNC’s and government sectors to prevent data stealing, students and professionals are showing interest in ethical hacking courses for a long run in their career.