Submitted By : Sampriti Basu (Department of BCA, 2019-2022)

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“ Robots Will Be The Next World-Changing Technology." - BILL GATES


Robotics technology is increasing at a fast rate, providing us with new technology that can assist with have chores, automobile assembly and many other tasks. Robotics is the branch of Mechanical engeneering, Electrical engeneering, and Computer science.

According to the Robot Institute of America,1979 a robot is designed to move material parts tools etc. Through various programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks. Robotic technology is becoming one of the leading technologies impact in the world. The use of robotic technology has made an immideate impact on the world in several years. Many robots even do the jobs that are hazardous to people such as defusing bombs, mining and exploring shipwrecks.


Recently Apollo Hospital Group installed the world’s most advanced Cyber Knife Robotic Radio Surgery system at the cancer speciality centre in Chennei, India. From the chandrayaan I project for sending robots to the moon, to biomedical engeneering and the auto industry, India has been using robotics on a wide scale.


The country is soon to become a major hub for the production of robots. The global market for robot is projected to rise by an avarage of about 4% while in India, the industry is expected to grow at a rate 2.5 times that of the global average.


Robotics has spread like an infection to an extent that so many movies and serials are also based on its theme. Some popular movies include Star Wars, Robocop, Raone, Transformers etc. with such acclained popularity india too has come up with the Robotic Soecity of India (RSI). It is an academic society founded on 10th july,2011 which aims at promoting Indian robotics.


In develop countries, scientists are making robotic military force that can prove dangerous to others. Imagination is coupled with technology. It would not be wrong to say that in near future there will be a time when robots will become a smarter than the human race.