Technology and Communication

Submitted by : Soumyadeep Giri

( Department of BCA (Session: 2017 – 2020 ))

Technology is making communication much easier, but not in the sense of personal contact. people prefer contacts through screens rather than face-to-face communication.What dangers are there for a society which depends on computer screens rather than face-to-face contact for its main means of communication?

In this century that we are living has many different ways to communicate and interact with the people we need. New developed technologies have made our lives much easier than the old days. Many people prefer to look at a screen and explore new things, do our homework, chat with our close ones, listen to a song, watch a movie, buy new clothes and so on. These are the things that we can do. Moreover, it saves time and money. One of the important decisions we make is to work at home in front of a computer. However, high developed technology has disadvantages like if we look at a screen it is bad for your health, we do not know if it is true and guaranteed for hundred percent.

    First, depending on a screen rather than meeting face-to-face is very bad for health. It will make our spine back ill. Sitting for long hours and looking to a screen also makes our eye bad. When i was little i played and watched movies on a computer for long hours because it was fun. Since then my eye kept getting bad and i had to wear glasses. It really annoys me a lot when i play basketball and to run in the morning. What's more, four days ago my back hurt because school started and i have been sitting for long hours and been looking at a computer screen.

    Second, for people who do their works by using the internet has also bad sides to the society. We are getting lazy and not going outside for a walk. Our movement gets limited only in our home. Also, it is making the person isolated from the society outside which the he or she is might become lonely just communicating with the computer. Some people  doesn't have any friends to go with because they spends all of their time on theirs computer. I think it is a very bad habit for them to get isolated from the real life.

      In conclusion, as technology getting better people are trying to make their work easy and fast. From this we become lazy, weak and ill. It makes our immune system go bad and we have the ability to get the diseases fast. From all the examples above it shows face-to-face communication is much healthier, better to understand the person whom we are contacting and so on.