Rumors About Deep Web

Submitted By : Debtanu Gupta (Department of BCA, Batch :2016-2019)

Most of us have a vehemence about deep and dark web. But unfortunately, most of common data about this are either wrong or rumor!     


          But  we show more interest on rumor or exaggerated news than actual. And using this, some newspapers and online medias spread wrong information among us for just business purpose.  So, let's start gathering the correct information about deep web. 

          Internet is a huge collection of data. So, we have to know how to find data as quick as we can, and also with proper security. This gives us the concept of Search Engine. For example ,,, etc. These store all the data of websites exist on the internet on their servers and update. This is called Indexing. But how this works?

          Here comes the topic named as Surface Web. Let's take example of Google. Suppose we add our personal website(e.g. We embed some links at our site. Then what Google does, it goes through our website and adds all embedded links and links through those links and the process runs recursively until all new links are added. This way Google builds up its database. This is called Crawling, and it is done by Google's crawling bot named as Google Bot or Spider. Now, which linked spider adds to the database, are a part of surface web. For example Wikipedia, YouTube etc. In other words, we do most of our surfing through surface web. But that's not all. If total internet data volume is 100%, then the surface web is less than 1%. Then where is this huge remaining data?


          It's on Deep Web. The size of surface web is inversely proportional with size of data adding in internet every moment i.e. the size of surface web is decreasing with the increment of data in the internet. Now the question is, do we ever browse deep web? Somebody may don't know even they use it. According to news, deep web is a very mysterious place for us.


          Open your Gmail page. Put username and password. Okay? That's it! Now you are in deep web. Feeling disappointed? May be! Because before this, you know that you can't browse deep web through ordinary browsers. But, deep web is too simple. In a single sentence, which pages  we can't see as search result of a search engine, or the search engine can't crawl, all are included in the deep web. Now it is may be easy for you to understand that why the size of deep web is bigger than surface web. According to our example, Google or any search engine can only show us the front or home or landing page of Gmail, not our personal emails of Gmail Account. Here're some other examples: 

Your Mailbox - Deep web,

Your Dropbox Cloud Account - Deep Web,

Friends Only/Only me posts on Facebook - Deep Web,

Subscribers only products on NetFlix/Hotstar - Deep Web,

Your Personal Account on Wikipedia/YouTube - Deep web. 

          Dark web is a part of deep web where the privacy and security are more stronger than deep web. Most of people think that deep and dark web are same, which is wrong. All dark web are deep web, but not all deep are dark. According to total deep web, dark web is 1-2%. Dark web are those sites which are deliberately hidden from search engine's index and not available for browsing using Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc which are ordinary browsers (though we can use VPN or some other extensions). To surf dark web, we need special kind of browsers. As we use websites in surface web registered under .com, .net, .in extensions, similarly websites that we browse in as dark web are registered with .onion extensions (or more like this). Now the matter is, normal browsers don't allow these types of extension. Browser which is most famous to browse dark web is named as TOR (The onion Router).     The '.onion' extension has come from this. 

          From the next time, if anybody say you something wrong about deep web, just share this article to his/her WhatsApp or Facebook! 

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