Google’s search fixing

Submitted By : Vishal Jaiswal (Department of BCA, Batch: 2016-2019)

Google is the World’s Best search engine and one of most valuable company. If we need any kind of information we just do Google search. Google search results influences not only our decision making capabilities but also from where should we shop, in which hotel should we stay, were should we must go for vacations, which gadget we should buy, which car we should buy, for all these decision we prefer Google. But knowing about the Fact everyone will be shocked that Google search results are not accurate i.e. are not honest.

                       On June 7, 2017, Google was found guilty and was charged a record breaking 2.7 billon dollars fine by The European Union (EU). In 2004 Google launched a product for comparison shopping in Europe named ‘FROOGLE’ but afterwards in 2008 it was renamed ‘GOOGLE PRODUCT SEARCH’ and again in 2013 it was renamed as ‘GOOGLE SHOPPING’. When any consumer puts any query in Google search engine, the results related to Google shopping are at the top where as Google’s rival shopping services results are at the bottom of the page and sometimes the consumer cannot reach the page. The top 10 results get 95% of the click on Google’s first web page due to which the consumer is being left unknown from rest of the results. According to the European union Google’s shopping traffic in UK 45%  , GERMANY 35% , FRANCE 19%, NETHERLANDS 29%, SPAIN 17%, ITALY 14% has been increased whereas other shopping services traffic in UK 85%, GERMANY 92%, FRANCE 80% has been fallen. That means consumer searched in Google search for a product but Google hasn’t gave the correct information and kept the consumer away from his/her genuine choice whereas Google has denied from all the allegations. The European Union also gave Google a warning that if they didn’t stop such kind of activity within 90 days they will be fined again. If Google within 3 months didn’t make changes in their Google shopping services they have to give 5% of the global income daily from their parent company Alphabet as a fine.

                        Everyone would have heard about match fixing but for the first time you would be hearing about search fixing. Google search results are been fixed and users are been make fooled. This is a new type of scam a 21st century scam nowadays scam have become of different types and these is an IT sector scam. In today’s date the biggest treasure is information and if the information is fixed it can make big revolution. By reading the above you must have now understood that how Google and internet companies are betraying us. However, Google shopping services are isn’t available in India but there is Product of Google that are available in India and its biggest product is Google search engine. Now it’s been proved that Google is fixing the search results.      


A researcher at Oxford University done a study on 50,000 people web browsing history most of the people among them were who read online news. According to the study it was found that it was seen that people who read online news, people like only those news which are correct in their perspective. These internet company use different types of algorithms & the algorithm surveys the web page seen by the user & placed them in the list above. Google search engine and Face book newsfeed are also fixed by those algorithms. That means we are seeing just one side of the coin & we are been kept away from the second side. We read only that news from which we are satisfied and which matches from our thoughts which means we will never get to know the other side of the coin & we will only have one sided view. According to the study we get to know that if any politician wants us to think like him/her he/she had to contact Google by which the politician can display the content & can generates what type of thoughts he or she wants.