Submitted By : Anwesha Sen, Department of BCA (Batch : 2018-2021)

“BE safe and secure , because the people you may know some of them may intentionally or unintentionally hurt you through internet or mobile phone.”


            Cybercrime, in today’s genre is very common. It is mainly a computer based crime. In this crime mainly a network and a criminal are involved .SO, it can be defined as crimes which are done to somebody with criminal mentality intentionally or unintentionally by using modern communication system i.e. internet or mobile  phones or laptop or desktop computers. This type of crime is increasing rapidly. It is a threat to a country’s people, its security and financial health too. Various types of cybercrimes are well known to us such as- hacking, extortion, child pornography, piracy of copyright etc. Mischievous type people often target the women to harm them by using cybercrimes. Malicious people try to blackmail and physical and mental torture, claim money to the woman, high profile person even a low profile person too using the communication networks.


Today cybercrime has a huge range of activities such as-

  • Financial fraud crimes: This type of crime is mainly committed against property like cheque fraud, bank fraud, credit and debit card fraud etc.
  • Cyberwarface: Computer oriented crimes i.e. cyber crime when cross international areas and become involve with atleast one nation with cyber war, is called cyberwarface.
  • Cyberterrosim : In this type of crime the cyber hackers who are experienced in hacking, damage the government securities & systems ,hospital and financial records etc.
  • Drug trafficking : it is also done by online. Today drug markets are using computer and internet to sell drugs on online. But harmful drugs are sold online by some sinful as well as greedy pharmacists .
  • Cyber bullying : It means bullying or harassing someone using someone using of electronic medium. Specially teenagers are bullying one another by posting rumors, threats, cartoon funny pictures, sexual remarks , abusive or harsh words which may make the victim frustrated,scared,depressed or angry.


  • Prevention of Cybercrimes
  • To make some measures to prevent cyber crimes:

    1. Using strong internet security.
    2. Strong passwords including numbers , special characters and alphabets.
    • Keeping software updated.
    1. Managing social media account setting using high security.
    2. Keep watching on children activities on social media.
    3. To avoid stranger people in social media.
    • Avoid from giving personal information to some unknown person or institution.
    • Avoid to giving debit or credit card numbers to any unsecured site.
    1. Use software antivirus and update them from time to time.
    2. Don’t open emails or attachment from unknown sources.