Down the memory lane

Submitted by : Nilanjana Gupta

Department : BCA (Batch : 2018 to 2021)

Roll Number : 15201218071

College life and experiences turn out to be the sweetest memories of a person’s life. They remember college days whenever they meet old friends and watch movies related to college life. It is the age when students can learn and grasp a lot of insights in respect to the subjects they opt for and also in general about life. College life moulds a person in many ways. You learn to work in a team, strive to be the best at what you do, involve yourself in internships and extracurricular activities - and all this just helps you develop a great personality!

Three years ago, when I stepped into the campus of Techno India Hooghly Campus, I was unaware of what life had in store for me. It was 3rd July, 2018. I wore my favorite tee with denims as I wanted to look cool and casual. Then I reached my college. As I entered the premises I enquired for my class. It was on the ground floor. There was lot of students with their parents as well. I went to my class and sat on the second bench.


It was a really very awkward feeling sitting there no knowing anyone. There was still time for class to start so I was sitting idle looking here and there. Then a girl came and sat near me and we started talking. She was also very talkative like me so we instantly hit it off. That girl later became a very good friend of mine and we are still in touch.

College life makes the person serious about the life and turns him to work hard for the achievement of the goal. One needs set a goal/aim for his life at college level. College life not only makes students to achieve goals but also helps them in building personality. Personality development also plays an important role in college life. And this is done by our faculties. I can proudly say that faculties like our college cannot be seen anywhere. They are not only highly qualified, they are actually the friend, philosopher and guide. The classes were never boring. Whenever we needed any help regarding any issue, be it be study related or personal, they always solved those with patience and smooth understanding. They are the most motivating person I ever saw. But we are the unluckiest batch who has attended the college only for 1.5 years in 3 years due to the Covid-19 situation. Though online classes were on every time, but live interaction is something else. We miss that. We hope that everything will be fine one day. But the saddest thing is that “Time and Tide waits for no one”. We will never get those days back to enjoy again and again to laugh, to share, to interact etc.