Submitted by Polomy Sen

(Department of BCA(2017-2020))

University Roll Number : 15201217054

Women empowerment means empowering women with all their rights they should have in the family, society, school, college and country just like a man. It is to make them able so that they can make own independent decisions for their personal development. The status of women in the Indian society is still backward because of the gender inequality. Women also should be given equal rights like men to really empower them. They should not be treated as weak gender of the society as they occupy almost half population of the country so they are half strength of the country. Women have more patience and effort; they can better develop their country.


Sometimes it seems that why we are talking about women empowerment because how it is possible in the country where crimes against women are running in parallel. It loses the confidence level of women to actively come out of their homes and participate fearlessly in all the activities like a man. Some of the crimes against women in India are rape, sexual harassment, kidnapping and abduction, dowry death, molestation, torture, trafficking, importation of girls, etc. Such crimes inhibit the women empowerment to spread its wings and empower women.

The real meaning of the women empowerment is to make them well educated and leave them free so that they can become capable to take their own decisions in any field. Women in India are always subjected to the owner killing, ill-treated, victim of violence, etc. It is the responsibility of every male to take care of the women as they play a very important role in the betterment of society and the world. it is nicely said

“Once a woman is on the move,
the whole family moves,
then the village moves,
at last the nation also moves.”