COVID-19: The global pandemic

Submitted by Tanumoy Das

(Department of BCA, Batch : 2018-2021)

University Roll Number :15201218007

One of the global disaster of the 21st century is COVID-19.Till now it is the most widespread biohazard of this century. It has taken the lives of thousands of human threatening the human race.


In late 2019, a new type of disease was seen in Wuhan in Hubei province of China which have symptoms like pneumonia but was more dangerous. Later in December 2019 scientists reveal that this disease was caused by  a new member of the coronavirus family called novel corona virus, which causes the disease covid-19.People affected in this disease suffer from dry cough and respiratory troubles, etc. It mainly targets the immune system of the body and decreases the lung capacity so novel corona is a respiratory virus. As it is a very new type of virus so doctors have no vaccine against this virus. Though researches from all around the globe are trying their best to develop a vaccine for this virus. At the present condition World Health Organization(WHO) has declared it as world health emergency as it has infected over 3millions of people all over the world and snatched over 13000 lives.


The epicenter of this virus was China primarily but now WHO is considering Europe as the epicenter of this widely spreading virus. China has seen complete lockdown in many of their provinces for the past two months, now others like Italy, Spain, US is undergoing partial lockdown. This virus is disrupting the global economy vigorously. Each and every country’s supply chain is disrupted which causing a lack of medical resources. One of the worst effected country in the Middle East is Iran which is lacking resources and undergoing economic burden as well. The only continent which is free from COVID-19 is Antarctica.


 All the international flights has been cancelled to prevent further inflow of infected patients as well as restricting national public transports to further contain the virus and as a result India is leading towards lockdown, which is one of the drastic step taken to check the uncontrollable epidemic.

 As of now doctors are providing supportive treatment as there is no vaccine for this disease. Our immunity is the only weapon against this disease. So doctors are suggesting to boost your immune system by in taking plenty of fruits, fresh vegetables, vitamin C.

Here are the advisories that are issued by WHO, GOI and doctors:

  1. Social distancing(maintaining at least 1m distance from everyone)

Reason: It will reduce the chance of droplet infection as SARS-CoV-2(Novel Corona virus) can spread through the mucus droplets of the infected person.             

  1. Hand hygiene(wash hands with soap-water or sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol content frequently)

 Reason: It will reduce the chance of surface infection as this will disinfect our hands which are very likely to be contaminated with the virus resting on a surface.

  1. Self-isolation(Quarantize yourself from others)

Reason: It will contain the virus within the limited number of persons thus controlling its spreading.

Moreover doctors have recommended to consult with doctors if symptoms prevails. And all the foreign travellers are advised to self-isolate themselves for 14 days which is the incubation period of this virus. People are also advised to use non-weaven masks in highly populated areas.

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With lots of hope that we will fight against this virus very well I am ending this blog.